10 Easy Ways You Can Make Yourself Happy

This year, we’re all about self love. Self love is THE most important love of ALL. To quote Whitney (any excuse!) “The greatest love of all is easy to achieve, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” - well, Whitney, we have to say it’s obvs easier said than done, but we’re going to do our best to try and get you in the mood for loving yourself! Whether you’re single, in a relationship or ‘it’s complicated’ (we know the last one v.well) - we’ve got 10 tips on how to make yourself happier (and no, not all of them involve pizza…) so what are you waiting for; read the tips, get happy and enjoy a dedicated day of lurrrrvveeee!

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One: Take Some Time For Yourself: There’s a reason this is number one. You may work none stop, have kids, pets, a million and one things to do, but time for yourself is SO important! It could be taking the dog for a walk on your own, having a bath or even 10 mins on your lunch break just to ‘be’ (who’s been reading self help books…). We can guarantee (tried and tested) that it will help you to reassess, think more clearly and OWN life again!

Two:  Embrace Every Part Of Your Body: We all have some ‘holiday weight’ (you’re not alone Ross Geller!), we all have wobbly bits, stretch marks, scars that we may never love about our body…but you know what, we’re here, we’re breathing and so far, up until right this minute, our bodies have been there for us every single day - so turn things around. Look at yourself as if you’re looking at a friend, be kind and embrace every single bit of your fabulous self - YAS HONEY!

Three: Eat Your Favourite Food: Our favourite one, obvs. Yes, stop feeling guilty about everything you eat. You need to indulge every now and then, so order that pizza, open the chocolate or if you’re weirdly good (we’re not here to judge!) enjoy that salad! But don’t think about it for days afterwards, just eat and enjoy every second!

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Four: Write Down Three Things You Love About Yourself: Whether it’s your amazing bum, your eyes or how strong and fierce you’ve been feeling; put it down in words! There’s lots of research that shows writing something down makes it feel more real, and we think you’ll be able to recognise just how bloomin’ amazing you are once you see it in black and white!

Five: Spend Time With Someone Who Loves You: Human or animal (we’ll always choose our dog over our hubby hehe) spend some quality time with someone who thinks you’re fabulous. We can vouch that this really does make us feel happier and amazing.

Six: Have A Pamper: Same with spending some “you time” - we know this isn’t always easy to do. But a quick 5 min face mask, a DIY mani or even a just a bath instead of a shower - be kind to your body and you’ll start to feel kinder in your mind too!

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Seven: Do Something You Love: Reading a book, going to the gym, maybe shopping? Do something that YOU love. Be selfish, say no to people and activities that you don’t have to do, and take the time to really enjoy some of your time!

Eight: Go For A Walk: Simple yet effective! A walk in nature (yes even just round the block) can really help clear the mind (scientifically proven!) so grab your trainers and get outside!

Nine: Glam Up: Get up, glam up, show up and never give up! Sometimes all you need to feel better about yourself, is washing your hair (yup, no dry shampoo!) putting on your fave lippy and an outfit that takes you to next level sassy and appreciating that you are beautiful!!! 

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Ten Get Organised: Okay so we may have been watching Marie Kondo on repeat, but we have always thought a good clear out works wonders! You may be naturally messy, but if you dedicate time to one room, we know you’ll feel soooo much better! Our tip is to concentrate on the room you spend the most time in, then you can reap the rewards all day long!

If you have any tips, please do comment below, we'd love to know, Team ROR xx

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