10 Influencers to Add Some Diversity and Positivity to Your Feed

It's very easy to fall into social media's trap of comparing yourself to what is essentially a highlight reel of a complete strangers life. I've definitely done it. You can't help but look through all these photos of some beautiful person's amazing life - you get sucked in. But, after you look for so long, all these influencers begin to morph into one. While studies have proven that social media relates to mental health issues, It's our own responsibility to follow people on these platforms that are good for us! You can easily change the way social media impacts you by changing how you view and use it. So, here's my top 10 influencers you can follow to add some diversity and positivity to your insta home feed.

1. Char Ellesse @ellessechar

As well as unreal fashion inspiration, Char Ellesse covers a load of life's issues in her captions on insta. From posts about mental health during lockdown to issues on race she's a great person to follow to begin understanding and educating yourself. On top of all that she's also great to follow if you're looking for some makeup inspo or cool art to fill your flat.

Ellesse Char instagram post Ellesse Char instagram post

2. Florence Given @florencegiven

Florence Given gives us all the 70s fashion inspo we crave while simultaneously uplifting and educating us on things that matter - LGBT, Feminism and self love to name a few. She's also recently released a book "Women don't owe you pretty" which has resulted in her becoming a Times best selling author. I also want to paste every one of her illustrations on my walls.

Florence Given Instagram Post Florence Given women don't owe you pretty

3. Gina Martin @ginamartin

I found out about Gina Martin from a video she posted explaining that, when she was working to make upskirting illegal (which she did by the way!) she started out wearing black to all the meetings as it was what she had thought showed power and someone that would be taken seriously. Then she realised that actually dressing brightly and feminine - how she would normally - could help fight the exact idea that she had fallen into and allow others to be taken more seriously too.

Gina Martin Instagram post gina martin instagram post

4.  Dom&Ink @domandink

How could we create a list of great insta accounts to follow without including our lovely Dom&Ink! If you're reading this on our blog then you're likely familiar with Dom's work - it's all over our products! If you love the illustrations you should deffo give him a follow as he often talks about LGBTQ+ rights and issues on his account through his lovely designs.

Dom&Ink Instagram post

5. Peter DeVito @peterdevito

Peter DeVito is an amazing photographer/­illustrator who is definitely worth the follow if you're sick of seeing people with "perfect" skin. It's all edited or makeup - we know that - and yet we still compare ourselves to it because we are shown it so consistently. Peter DeVito breaks that. He also discusses a range of other topics all while presenting it in such a unique and artistic way.

6. Wednesday Holmes @­hello­myna­me­is­wed­nesday

I'm a sucker for a colourful art Instagram. Wednesday does not disappoint. From cute frogs to gay skateboarding eggs, you just feel better after after looking through their account! It's full of feel good, positive designs (like the one below) while also raising awareness and discussions about the trans and LGBTQ community.

7. Megan Jayne Crabb @bodyposipanda

This is a great account to follow if you've ever struggled with your weight or body image - or if you want to learn how people that have done feel. It's a great place to start if you want some more representation of different body types on your feed. In every day life we see a whole range of body types, so why isn't our social media the same?

8. Jamie Windust @jamie_windust

Again, another absolute fashion icon. Jamie is unapolo­geti­cally themselves and we could all do with being a bit more like that. Jamie recently wrote an article on Metro explaining why we should all be dressing up in our fave clothes throughout lockdown to make the situation more enjoyable. Clothes are great way to express ourselves so why shouldn't we!

9. Stephanie Yeboah @­stepha­ni­eye­boah

Another body positive, strong woman for you all to go follow. It's not like your feed can ever be too full of them. As well as her amazing insta account, Stephanie also has a blog on which you can read about being single to body positivity to interior decorating to sustainability.

10. Emma Allegretti @­alleg­ret­ti­reg­retti

I told you I loved a funny art account. I'll admit, not all her posts are the uplifting, mood boosting, positive images I promised for this list, but they are about accepting ourselves for who we are. I love all the drawings on this account and the funny ways in which she represents some real issues we all have to face nowadays.

The great thing about social media is that it's all about the algorithm and connections. Once you begin following positive people you'll find more and more! Follow suggestions is a great place to start!

What's your fave account to make you feel better?

Bethan ROR XX

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