10 Wedding Superstitions to follow...

So it´s Friday 13th ... Are you a superstitious person?

You might not think it, but if you have ever been involved in a wedding, chances are that you did something due to superstition or very old tradition!

Read through our top 10 Wedding Traditions and superstitions to see what you should or shouldn´t do if you´re getting married....


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1. A Lucky Bride
: Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue, And a lucky sixpence In her shoe.

2. The Ring:
Engagement and wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once thought that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart.

3. If the groom drops the wedding band during the ceremony, the marriage is doomed.

4. Take a photograph of the one you love and hold before it a ring on the end of a thread. Be careful to keep your hand still. If the ring moves in a circle, you win marry the person in the picture soon and will lead a life of bliss; if the ring moves to and fro, it is unlikely you will marry him. Should the ring not move at all, you are likely to remain single.

5. On your wedding day:
Good omens can include seeing a rainbow, having the sunshine, meeting a black cat or meeting a chimney sweep (not sure how likely this is to happen...)

6. Bridal Shower
- The first gift that the bride opens should be the first gift she uses. Everything that the bride says as she opens her hen party gifts will be repeated on her wedding night... (Why not assign someone to write down these comments during the shower?!)

7. Choosing the day:
Most weddings now take place on a Saturday or Sunday... However, this was considered unlucky in the past!

Follow this rhyme to choose the best day:

Monday for wealth
Tuesday for health
Wednesday the best day of all
Thursday for losses
Friday for crosses
Saturday for no luck at all

8. The New Home: The new bride must enter her home by the main door, and must not trip or fall. This is origin of the custom of carrying the bride over the threshold!

9. The Wedding Dress: Most brides today marry in white as it symbolises purity. The following is a traditional rhyme offering advice on dress colour:

Married in White, you have chosen right,
Married in Blue, your love will always be true,
Married in Pearl, you will live in a whirl,
Married in Brown, you will live in town,
Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead,
Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow,
Married in Green, ashamed to be seen,
Married in Pink, your spirit will sink,
Married in Grey, you will go far away,
Married in Black, you will wish yourself back.

10. The Name: It is unlucky for a woman to marry a man whose surname begins with the same letter as hers: To change the name and not the letter, Is to change for the worst and not the better.

Which superstitions will you be following in the run up to your Wedding Day??
Choose wisely ladies.... Tweet us at @GirlyNightOut We´d love to hear your thoughts!

Love The Girls xx
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