30 Day Style Challenge

How to wear 1 sweatshirt 30 ways - Style Challenge from Rock On Ruby

Yes, you read that right. Here at Rock On Ruby, we've set ourselves a 30 Day style Challenge: How to wear 1 sweatshirt, 30 different ways, over 30 different days!

We've kicked off the Style Challenge on Earth Day in order to show that Fast Fashion can be slowed down! We always make jokes about how we "never have anything to wear" and yet (if you're anything like me) you'll probably have rails and rails of clothing that are barely ever worn, or pushed to the back of your cupboards in favour of your trusty Mom Jeans...

So, rather than buying a top that you will only wear once, we want to show how versatile some of our tops can be - starting with our Personalised Year Sweatshirt. We will be pulling together 30 different outfits made up of clothing and accessories that are from my wardrobe, or from pieces we use in our photoshoots. We won't be buying anything new to complete our style challenge!

The aim will be to re-use different pieces to create new looks, and show how these can be dressed up or down for different events & occasions.

Hopefully, the style challenge will give you some new outfit ideas and inspire you to have a rummage through your own wardrobes and re-use some of your old faves!

How to wear Personalised Year sweatshirt 30 ways - Style Challenge from Rock On Ruby

So let's show you Outfit Number 1!

This was literally what I wore to work that day! So, this was a pretty easy look to pull together :)

As I'm generally sat at my computer for the majority of the day, I normally go for comfort. These navy joggers have been in my wardrobe for over a year and are SUPER comfy. They are lightweight with a velvet effect finish and this sporty red stripe down the side. I normally wear them high on the waist and tuck a T-shirt in, but today, I've thrown our White and red Year sweatshirt over the top as well.

Personalised Year sweatshirt from Rock On Ruby - Fairwear fashion

As the weather can be pretty hit and miss in Bury (we've literally just had a Storm Warning come in!!) I also threw on my trusty denim jacket! This jacket is perfect for this time of year as it has this chunky, shearling lining which can be very handy for Summer evenings, but doesn't feel as Wintery as a leather jacket.

Even though it's a casual look, I've still added some chunky gold hoops to accessorise the outfit.

How to wear the Personalised Year sweatshirt from Rock On Ruby - Rd Bucket Bag accessory

This red Bucket Bag was from Topshop's Summer sale last year. I was hoping that this would be my new 'every day' bag, but to be honest, I can't tear myself away from my supersized, silver shopper! (No doubt you'll see that make an appearance in one of our upcoming outfits!) Still, the red bucket bag is fun for adding a pop of colour and it is pretty spacious.

On my feet I have some cute new K-Swiss trainers that were kindly gifted from FashionWorld UK. The trainers have a lovely metallic sole which adds a little something different to them - and really appeals to the magpie in me!

Personalised Year sweatshirt from Rock On Ruby - Fairwear fashion

This outfit is our 1st look out of 30. We'll be sharing 1 look every day for the next 30 days on our Instagram stories, and also be doing some round-up posts on here, so stay tuned...

If there are any particular types of outfit that you'd like to see, please comment below or on our instagram!

Holly x

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