5 Must Have Holiday Make Up Items

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Holiday Make Up Essentials

It’s the season of sun, sand, sea and more sun (… if you’re leaving the UK, that is). If you’re looking to have a smoking hot summer romance with Paolo this year, you’ll 100% need these summer essentials to grab his attention and his heart.

1. Tinted Moisturiser & Sunscreen – This is probably the most obvious when it comes to summer health. Sun protection is so important, but many people neglect it, all because they want to tan. What most people don’t know is that without it, your skin will age faster, as a result of the harsh rays penetrating your skin. Will Paolo want you when you’re lobster red and looking old beyond your years? I doubt it. You can kiss your summer romance goodbye before it even began. So what to buy? If you’re looking to splurge on the protection, you can opt for Dior’s ‘Hydra Life Pro Youth Skin Tint’, which is anti-aging, has SPF 20 and is tinted, so you can even skip the foundation. If you want to keep the cost down a bit, but still keep optimum protection, all of Skin79’s BB creams have a minimum of SPF25+, protecting against UVA and UVB rays. You can check out the one pictured above here(but I would suggest looking around a bit to find a cheapest seller – aka, ebay).

2. Hair Protection – So you’ve sorted out your skin, but is Paolo really going to want to woo you with those ratty locks? Your chances seem slim. Most people, when they think of protecting themselves against the suns harsh rays automatically pick skincare. But our hair needs just as much protection. If you think rolling around in the sand, sun and sea is going to be wonderful for your locks, you’ll need to think again. So what is out there to protect it? Well, if you’re looking for a budget friendly option, you can try NO7’s ‘Hair Protection Spritz’,which claims to protect you against all of these things. If you want to treat your hair to something a little more upmarket, Clarins is for you. Their ‘Radiant Oil Spray’will give you that extra protection, whilst nourishing your hair at the same time, a sure fire way to get Paolo’s attention this summer.

Want to add that little bit extra to your hair? Run some of Tommy Guns ‘Weather Protect Dew Drops Serum’ through damp hair for a little extra shine

3. Lip/Cheek Tint – So, your skin and your hair is protected, but what would you be without that radiant and flushed glow? Well, if you’re looking to go light on the makeup bag, pack a simple 2-in-1 product like Benefit’s ‘Benetint’, which can be used as both a lip stain as well as a blush – perfect! Want something a little cheaper? Check out Mememe’s Cheek and Lip Stain! ‘Coral Blossom’ is especially prett

Not really a tint kinda girl? Pick up Sleek’s ‘Pout Polish’, which also has SPF15, perfect for the summer

4. Waterproof Mascara – Mascara. It’s said to be the number one staple in a woman’s handbag. It frames your eyes, makes them appear bigger and more awake. When you’re on holiday, especially if you’re looking to swim a lot, you can’t settle for the mascara you would use everyday. Picture it: you’re exiting the pool and all eyes on you, you’re totally rocking it right? Oozing confidence you turn and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and bam! You’ve gone from sexiest girl by the pool to looking like that girl from ‘The Ring’, mascara melting from your eyes as we speak… most unattractive indeed, and you’ve scared poor Paolo off. He’s now running after the girl who remembered to pack her waterproof makeup. Oops! If you want to treat your eyelashes to some extravagance, look to Lancome with their ‘Definicils Waterproof Lash Lengthening Mascara’ for an assured run-free flutter. Want something that’s not going to break the bank? L’Oreal’s mascaras are affordable and amazing. Pictured above is L’Oreal’s ‘Volume Million Lashes Mascara’.

5. Bronzer – If your weather is anything like the UK’s, you’re face is probably lacking in a tan… or any kind of life for that matter. You’ve covered yourself for blush, so maybe you’re not looking too much like a zombie, but let’s give you that little extra glow and turn you into a bronzed goddess (after all, it sounds a little better than ‘walking dead with rosy cheeks’). If you want to keep the costs down, try Maybelline’s ‘Dream Sun Triple Bronzing Powder. want to splurge a little? Try Yves Saint Laurent ‘Terre Saharienne’ Bronzer, which promises a long lasting, matte finish. Just don’t go too crazy on the application… last time I checked Paolo wanted to fall in love with a beauty, not an Umpa Lumpa.

So whether you’re going to be chilling on a beautiful beach abroad, or staying a little closer to home this summer, rest assured, your beauty needs are covered. Now go have that summer romance you’ve dreamed of since watching Grease. After all, they do say ‘summer lovin’ happened so fast’…

 Written by Emily Hewitt from EauDeBloglette.­blogspot.­co.­uk
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