5 Quick and Easy Swaps That Can Help Save The Planet

New year new you? We know you may have lapsed on a few of your resolutions (went to the gym once, and now just wear the gear to watch Netflix in...), but there is one resolution we can ALL help to keep - look after our home. Planet Earth has done a lot for us, so it's about time we gave back. Over the past few years, going 'eco' has been a hot topic, and it seems more and more people and businesses are finally taking it seriously. We know it isn't easy, with so much information, opinions and options, but we've come up with the top 5 quick swaps, that shouldn't take much effort - we know, you can thank us later!

Swap Some Meat Meals For Veggie Options 

So even if you suddenly can't stop eating meat overnight (not an easy ask!) but, cutting down on how much meat we eat can totally help the environment! In the long run, if we all cut down, it would reduce the green house gasses created - much more than if you bought an electric car!.

Swap Plastic Bags for Bags For Life 

Our fave (and not just because we sell them), is swapping the 90s style plastic bag, for a 'bag for life' Not only saving the planet, but also saving your pennies (those 5ps add up!).

Unplug Chargers and Devices That Aren't In Use 

One of the easiest things to do (you can do this right now if you're at home!) is to unplug the 'vampire' chargers that you leave in using up energy even when they're not in use! If we all did this, we'd be saving a lot of electricity - GOALS.

Swap Make Up Wipes for Reusable Cleansing Cloths 

We all know make up wipes are super easy and convenient, but they are also non-recyclable, which means they end up in land fill causing a lot of problems. The will exist forever *evil laugh* - enter;  reusable linen cleansing cloths! There are plenty on the market, starting at just £1.99, so you will be saving the pounds too!

Swap Plastic Bottles For Reusable Cups 

Plastic bottles - we got this! Easy peasy guys, just get a reusable drink cup! We have a seclusion of sassy ones ourselves, but you can pick one up everywhere (even in most coffee shops!) so it should be really easy. They're not too pricey and are a great way to take the first step into an eco friendly life!

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