5 Reasons To Be Single

It's September; for many it means new start, new jobs or new places to live. With many people off to uni, or taking gap years, it also means September is a very common time for break ups. Fear not! We're here to help you realise why you are single sassy and fabulous!

1) You’re The Best I mean come on, you know we’re right. Your snapchat stories are so good you watch them on repeat, and sometimes you even amaze yourself with the hotness level of your selfies. Whether you want to be single or not, anyone would be lucky to have you, so channel your inner sass queen and remind people that you’re awesome AF.

2) You Love Your Bestie More Than Any Potential Love Interest

Being single means you can fully embrace the bestie love. Who could possibly be better to spend time with than your fave hun. You babes can’t believe you don’t have your own reality show, you would totally be more entertaining than the Kardashian’s right? She’ll always have your back and being single means you have more time to spend with wifey - pretty good reason to be single right there girl.

3) Spend your money on YOU Yep, being single has some major advantages when it comes to self indulgence. Treat yourself, you know you’re worth it babe. No boyfriend, no problems. You can choose your own holidays, nights out and don’t have to answer to anyone; sounds pretty good to me!

4) More Girls Nights Out Walk in to the club like… Yes, you can go out when you like, where you like. More nights to create memories with your fave besties. Work in the morning, who cares - live for the moment and do it in style. Turn your sass dial up, and say yes to everything!

5) No More Arguments Pretty much the best reason. No worrying where they is or what they’re up to - who cares? Certainly not you sassy sister! No more arguing, no more games, you can be yourself and live life to the full. There will be no more awkward meals with the fam or hanging out with their friends you majorly dislike. Be free, be happy be you hun!

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