5 Things that Don't need to return once lockdown ends

YES! The end of lockdown is just about visible! Hallelujah! Obviously, yes, we are keeping in mind that nothing is set in stone and all could change at the drop of a hat... but still. We've at least got some hope. And we are holding on to it very tightly! While we are absolutely buzzing that this is happening, it got us thinking that there are some things that we really don't need to see make a come back once all this is over.

funny things that shouldn't return when lockdown and the pandemic ends

Queuing without distance.

It was never nice having someone stood breathing down your neck and getting closer and closer as the line ahead moved forward - virus or not. I would be fully content with having to socially distance while queuing for the rest of my life. 10/10 makes the shopping experience better!

Getting properly dressed every day

I now own night pyjamas and day pyjamas. That's what working from home has come to. How will I ever go back to wearing non stretch fabric for over 8 hours a day while sat at a desk?! Madness!

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Not taking time for yourself

The first Lockdown let us spend more time on ourselves than ever before. We were all trying new hobbies or even old ones we'd forgotten about. We were looking after ourselves even more than usual because we knew we'd need it and actually had the time to do it! Prioritising our mental health and talking about it more should definitely stay once lockdown ends!

Not making effort with those close to us

This is a strange one, but lockdown really taught us how important those around us are. Not being able to see them face to face made us make the effort to interact and connect with them sometimes even more than before. I hope this is one of the things that I don't forget after the pandemic finally ends.

Not washing your hands

This obviously does not apply to everyone - I get that we all started washing them more. But for some people, it was worryingly infrequent before all this. Men's toilets on a night out should have a longer line is all I'm saying...

Is there anything you'd rather stay?!

Bethan ROR xx

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