5 Things We Learnt From Mean Girls

Ok, so we're still getting over the fact that Mean Girls is nearly 14 years old - (OH MY GOD - WE ARE OFFICIALLY OLD!) but we realised that this modern day classic taught us some valuable life lessons. From showing us what to wear and when to wear it, to how to make 'Fetch' happen; Mean Girls is a great way to learn the facts of life!

1) On Wednesdays We Wear Pink - Simple and to the point. MG made us unable to wear the perfect hue, without us asking ourselves if it was a Wednesday!

2) Embrace Junk Food - Oh yes. Make like Regina George and treat yourself to some cheese fries! Haters gonna hate anyway, may as well enjoy yourself!

3) Be Nice To Everyone - Ok, so this lesson doesn't happen until pretty much the end of the film...but it's still a good one! Everyone is going through a battle, whether they show it or not - so stay kind and bake cakes out of rainbows!

4) Humpday - Yup, that's right. MG pretty much invented the phrase 'hump day'. The phrase that made us think twice about what it actually meant...which is now a Wednesday regular! #humpdaytreat

5) Ex-Boyfriend Rules - Yup, probably the most important rule of all; ex-bfs are off limits to friends! Now a staple part of girl code, Mean Girls highlighted the drama that can happened when friends and boyfriend mix (and it aint pretty!).

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