5 Ways To Improve Your Instagram Pictures

5 Tips to improve your instagram photography from Rock On Ruby

Oh yes, we're back with another "How To" blog post to help improve your instagram ­photos. This week, we're using ourWho Run The World Sweatshirt to sshowcase5 quick and easy ways to improve your photography for social media. FYI, these tips can apply to all photography too - YAS!

As a small independent business, we soon had to find out ways to help our photography look professional on a small budget. Although we do now have a 'studio space', we still stick to these basic rules. We shot all of the following pictures on an iPhone, to prove you don't need expensive equipment to make awesome pics (even if we do say so ourselves!).

One - Get in focus!

Seems simple, but so many of us can rush pictures, and not focus on the thing we're actually trying to shoot! Make sure the focus is clear and crisp, this makes it so much easier to edit!


5 Ways to improve your intagram pictures - blurry picture tutorial


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Two - Make sure the background isn't busy.

When you're trying to get the best pictures, clean, simple and less is definitely more all count! Find a place inside or outside that's plain, simple and doesn't take the focus away from what you want your followers to focus on!


How to get better instagram pictures - photography tutorial from Rock On Ruby


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Three - Use good lighting!

Natural light is your saviour! It's brilliant as creating a clear, smooth image (great for selfies too - you're welcome) and makes the colours more true. Below is the picture we took inside in false light, and the second is the same location, but with day light!


get better instagram photography


Who Run The World Slogan Sweatshirt from Rock On Ruby

Four: Keep your flat lays simple!

Following on from lighting and simple backgrounds, there is the holy grail of IG pictures...the Flat Lay! People love a flat lay, as do we, and it's a great way to showcase products and clothes. Make sure you clear the space, place the item in a clear  way and make sure it looks its best (the iron is your friend).


Rock on Ruby - how to take better IG pictures


Who Run The World Slogan Sweatshirt flatlay from Rock On Ruby

Five - Show the important bits!

Yup, again, sounds simple, but for example, if you were taking a picture of one of our products, we need to see the slogan! The same for other brands, they will want to re-gram you if you have clear, clean shots of their amazing sassy slogans (sorrynotsorry). Don't cover them, or get distracted by other products - make it the star of the show!


better ways to take instagram pictures


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How do you make your IG pictures the BEST? We'd love to know if you have any more ideas!

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