6 Less Known Instagram Worthy Spots in Manchester!

We love our city - plain and simple. We have always thought it was the best city in the world and you really can't convince us otherwise (they try). Don't get us wrong, we also love to travel and explore new places and countries; but there's something about England's second city that keeps us anchored here. It's not just the amazing atmosphere and the friendly people (yes, we talk to strangers on public transport!), it's also the constant reinvention, the new bars, the new 'must see' exhibits and of course the music. But today, we thought we'd shine a light on some of our fave places in the city, which also happen to be SUPER Instagram worthy (can you tell 2 of us are bloggers!?). The places we've chosen are mainly free, easy to get to and may go under the radar of visiting tourists!

King Street Town House - The only one of the places that you actually have to pay to go. The King Street Townhouse is a boutique hotel with possibly one of the best views in the city! Just take a look at the incredible infinity pool overlooking the Town Hall - GOALS! The bath in the deluxe suite is also a bit of alright; but if you haven't got a spare £180 (average cost of one night stay) - then you can go on the roof top terrace for the price of a cocktail for the same amazing view!

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The Refuge - Now we didn't want to focus too much on the bars and restaurants, we thought we would dedicate that to a separate post (as there are 100s!), but we couldn't not include The Refuge in our fave spots due to the fact it just has so many amazing parts! In summer the outside courtyard is the place to go, for the colder months, the outdoors is brought inside with their stunning winter hot house. The original art deco architecture is stunning, and the food; out of this world!

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John Rylands Library - A bit of a Manchester secret, John Rylans Library is basically Hogwarts on a smaller scale. A Victorian gem hidden away on Deansgate, even some born and bread Mancunians haven't spotted this place. With one of the largest collections of original books in Europe, this place ticks a lot of instagram boxes and we LOVE it.

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Manchester Library - Yes, another library. This time it's more about the outside of the building...I mean just look at it! From the famous arches, to the secret outside corridor; this building has to be one of our favourite spots in the city. It's not only a blogger's dream, it's also part of the city that often gets over looked. It may not be in the hipster Northern Quarter, but this place is special.

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Canal Street - Okay, so this may not technically be "less known" as it's one of the most famous streets in Manchester, but we don't see as many Instagram shots as we would like! With it's incredible street art,  rainbow themed EVERYTHING and the most amazing people, we suggest a cheeky drink at GAY, you can thank us later!

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Mackie Mayor - Our new fave place to eat and socialise; this new kid on the block is fast becoming the place to be! Less well known to non-Mancunians, this is the sister site of the famous Altrincham Markets. Slightly on the hipster side (it is in the Northern Quarter after all!) the food is incredible, and the building itself it just amazing. Definitely worth a trip!

What are your fave places in Manchester? Or do you have any recommendations for you city, we'd love to hear!

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