7 Films With A Strong Female Lead

It's September (how?!) and I am so unbelievably ready for cosy Autumn nights in, watching a film with the fire on and a hot chocolate (or maybe a glass of wine) in hand. The only issue is deciding what to watch. So, I've taken the work out of it for you and put together my fave films with a strong female lead - because it's all about girl power baby! I tried to include a range of genres for you too!

Charlie's Angels - 2000 version obvs

What's better than one strong female lead? Three. Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz. I love it. And what makes it even better, is that the second film is just as good as the first. So you're getting two for one here.

charlies angels top female empowerment films from rock on ruby

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures is one of those films that you have to keep reminding yourself that it's actually based on a true story. It's an incredible story and definitely one to make you feel empowered and motivated. Plus, it gives a great insight into issues of gender and race in not so distant history. 10/10 worth the watch.

hidden figures one of the best female empowerment films from rock on ruby

Bend It Like Beckham

We love a rebellious icon. Plus, an underdog story is always good. I love She's The Man (could be on this list as well really) but Bend It Like Beckham feels like a true story - it feels real. Maybe the fact that it's British helps or maybe it's just the fact that she's not dressed a guy and no one second guesses it.

bend it like beckham is on e of the best films with a strong female lead

Kill Bill

This Tarantino film definitely has a different vibe to the other films included on this list, but The Bride is iconic. She's determined, fierce and the best at what she does. Albeit killing. But still. Iconic. These films might not be for you if blood isn't your thing though.

kill bill one of the best female empowerment films from rock on ruby

Atomic Blonde

Not quite as bloody as Kill Bill but definitely just as action packed. Charlize Theron is amazing in this film and the soundtrack and neon lighting throughout is just so good. The neon lit hotel room was everything. Definitely not to be confused with Legally Blonde though... very different film.

atomic blonde one of the best female empowerment films from rock on ruby

The Princess Diaries

My one true Queen: Mia Thermopolis. I absolutely loved these films growing up and honestly still do. I might be thinking too much into this but I genuinely think Mia is the perfect role model. She never loses her quirky personality despite others efforts, she stands up for herself and what she believes in, she remembers who her real friends are through everything and she deals with all this at a young age. We can't help but stan.

why princess diaries is one of the best female empowerment films from rock on ruby

Legally Blonde

Of course. Saving the best for last. Our lord and saviour Elle Woods is a daily inspiration. If that one montage of Elle getting her act together and studying to get into Harvard doesn't motivate you then I don't know what will. You come out the other end of this film feeling empowered enough to get a law degree... even if you have no interest in one.

legally blonde is one of the best female empowerment films from rock on ruby

So, which one are you going to watch?

Bethan ROR xx

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