8 Non-Christmas Christmas Films

While Christmas definitely arrived earlier than usual this year, I still can't quite bring myself to watch any of the good classic Christmas films - you know Elf, the Grinch, Love Actually, etc. However, it really feels like we should be snuggled down and watching a festive film. So, here is a list of some great films that feel warm and Christmassy but aren't actually about Christmas.

films that will get you in the festive mood that aren't actually christmas films

All the Harry Potters

I think we can all agree on this one. Harry Potter is good all year round, but it goes next level when it's cold outside! Surely everyone would want to spend a Christmas at Hogwarts.

Bridgette Jones' Diary

Running in your knickers while it snows is pretty Christmassy, no? I guess you could count the second one as well because she does go skiing and that's kind of Christmassy too.

Mean Girls

I think we all know why this one is on the list. They sing Jingle Bell Rock of course it's going to feel Christmassy! And those outfits!

Chalet Girl

Oh to be living in a big fancy chalet up in the snowy mountains... oh and Chuck Bass is there too.


I don't know if this counts as an actual Christmas film or not. It's set at Christmas but it's not really about Christmas so it's going on this list!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

I'm not sure why this film gives me festive vibes, it might literally just be because of the icing sugar snow at the very end - or the fact that I eat chocolate like I'm Augustus Gloop on Christmas day.

Edward Scissor Hands

Another Tim Burton one, but it's such  a classic. If you watched the first half of this film it would not feel Christmassy, but the ending gives you all the Christmassy feels!

Rise of the Guardians

A bit different to the rest of the films on the list, but Father Christmas is literally in this one - and it still doesn't feel like a complete Christmas film.

Which one will you watch this weekend?

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