8 Ways to Use Your ROR X Just Harry Keyring!

Just in case we haven't banged on about it enough, we always want you to get the absolute most out of your Rock On Ruby products! No matter how big or small! Last year, for Valentine's day, we collaborated with the super talented Just Harry Designs to bring you some super cute, personalised keyrings made entirely from pre-loved denim. These adorable, sustainable hearts are no different! So, here's a whole list of ways to use your ROR X Just Harry Designs Keyring.

1. Obviously it makes a cute addition to any set of keys!

2. Put it on to your bag handle to add a little personalised touch to your outfit. They're super easy to clip on and off to any bag!

3. Use it as decoration when wrapping gifts! This one is perf for Valentine's as it looks great but also acts as a little extra something for that special someone

4. Use it as a unique bookmark. I don't know if any of you are going to know what I'm on about here but, you could attach a loop of ribbon to your keyring that is big enough to go around the cover of your book. This way you can loop it around the page you're on and the keyring will make it super easy to find the ribbon again and take it out.

5. A zip pull. Yes this is different to just putting it as a charm on your bag... This keyring is great for little, fiddly zips. Add it onto your ROR makeup bag and there you go! This is specifically helpful for those with false nails.

motivational independent girl slogan make up bag

6. Add it on to a bouquet of flowers with a pretty ribbon. Is this too similar to number 3? Hmm, no... in this one the keyring is the gift and the flowers are a sweet addition. I'm allowing it.

7. Could it be used as a name tag of some sorts? This is a bit vague sorry... But, as our keyrings can be personalised with your initials, you can clip them on to pretty much anything to make sure that everyone knows that it is yours! Perfect for work or school!

8. These keyrings are quite big (as keyrings go) and so they would work perfect for distinguishing luggage! How many times have you stood at the conveyor belt wondering if the suitcase coming towards you is actually yours or not? Pop our keyring on there and you won't have to play that guessing game any more!

Personalised initials valentines keyring made from reclaimed denim from rock on ruby

Have you got any more ideas?!

Bethan ROR


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