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Happy Independent Retailer Month guys! As an independent retailer ourselves, we've chosen to celebrate this month by talking to some of our other fave indie brands. We decided to catch up with Sinead Flood, owner of the online jewellery store, July Child. We are completely in love with their bright and quirky accessories! In fact, we're so in love, that you may have seen some July Child pieces featured in our latest summer shoot.

July child independent retailer interview by rock on ruby

So, here's how it went...

What made you decide to start your own business?

I was working and living in London and had a mid twenties melt down where I wanted to change everything. I moved back to Manchester, left my job and decided to pursue my love of discovering quirky international jewellery brands and sharing them with the world.

I'd always been extremely passionate about finding items of clothing, homeware and jewellery that nobody else knew much about. It was a hobby that translated into a new and exciting business venture. I saw a gap in the market for something that I so desperately wanted and thought "I can do this"!

Three years later and here I am, happy as larry, exhausted but living the dream!

July child jewellery interview by rock on ruby

What do you look for in the jewellery designers you work with?

Designers who create something completely unique to the mass market of jewellery! I love how so many of the ladies I stock use hand crafting methods, source materials that might somewhat be unconventional and anti-tradition and a fun, stylish and bold approach to jewellery.

You can only wear one type of jewellery for the rest of your life – what is it?

Big bright stoned gem rings or anything that I sell, haha!

What’s your proudest/best moment of running your own business so far?

I would say the proudest moments have been over the last six months. The business has catapulted into a whole other dimension and I've seen my years of hard work and persistence really pay off.

The best moments are always meeting and chatting with customers who are SO passionate about the brand too and share that love of what we've built with the brand.

And finally, because it’s independent retailer month, other than ROR of course, what other indie brands are your faves?

Of course, Holly is a true gem and amazing example of a hard working, positive and creative business owner.

My other favourites would be;

La Manso (insane chunky resin jewellery)

Grey Milk

Nata Concept Store

la manso resin jewellery grey milk vegan clothing nata concept store wax candles

La Manso                                                  Grey Milk                                                 Nata Concept Store

Which July Child piece is your fave?! 

Bethan ROR XX

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