A Merry Yellow Christmas with the Simpsons!

Katy Perry is certainly getting into the spirit of the season - this sexy lady is making a special guest appearance in a festive edition of The Simpsons!

In an unusual twist, Katy has filmed a live action segment with puppets instead of appearing in cartoon form! (Could this be a sly dig at Sesame Street, who rudely binned her scenes filmed with Elmo earlier this year due to her ?overly revealing dress???)

The Simpsons episode has (unsurprisingly) been described as ?an edgy, dysfunctional Christmas with the Simpsons with some disturbing twists.?

Katy starts the special Christmas edition of the Simpsons as the girlfriend of Elmo. However, she soon dumps him and is seen flirting with the creepily old Mr Burns... (Ew!) Apparently after that, it is the loveable bartender Moe who really catches her eye!

Katy is also set to lead Homer, Bart and the whole Simpsons family in a hilariously, fab rendition of ´the 39 Days of Christmas.´

Simpson´s Producer Al Jean couldn´t resist releasing a cheeky statement declaring: ´In the wake of Elmo´s terrible betrayal, the Simpsons puppets wish to announce they stand felt-shoulder-to-shoulder with Katy Perry.´

If you want to try and bag your very own Katy Perry, then why not get yourself a hilarious Simpson Oversized Vinyl Mask?! Available in Bart and Homer versions - which one will you be?

These famous yellow faces will certainly get a few laughs this party season (and are great for hiding a hangover on New Year´s Day!

Have a Merry Yellow Christmas!

Lads Night Out? Sorted!

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