About Earth Day 2018

It's Earth Day 2018 THIS Sunday, so what better way to celebrate our incredible planet, than with some sassy, and most importantly 'statement' slogans! Looking after our planet has never seemed more important than right now. With the incredible Blue Planet 2 highlighting the horrendous results of not recycling plastic; and how it affects our oceans, it has really made us sit up and think as a nation, and hopefully as a planet.

We only get one planet Earth, and we want to spread the message. You may already know that we're passionate about ethically sourced fashion; all of our clothing and accessories are made from ethically sourced, organic cotton. It's not just the fantastic quality, but the fact we know where our pieces are made, and we know we can offer ethical shopping.

We hope you enjoy our sass-filled collection, perfect for raising awareness and looking super stylish whilst you're at it!

Bin Me T Shirt £22 - Could we be more obvious? Keep our streets and oceans clean -  BIN PLASTIC guys, and rock this FIERCE slogan whilst you're doing it!

Also available as a 'Recycle Me' tee - as that's pretty important too... ;-)

Love Your Planet T Shirt £24 - Our one true love; our home! Spread the love with this Earth illustrated tee!

Saving The Planet Hun Long Sleeve T Shirt £29 - Saving the planet? We got this! Save planet Earth, spread the word and look sassy too!

Plastic Aint So Fantastic T Shirt £24 - Unlike the Barbie song, plastic aint so fantastic! Why not rock this cute slogan and let everyone know we're SO over plastic!

Be More Frida T Shirt £24 - Frida; the women, the artist and the environmental activist! BE MORE FRIDA! Rock your homegirl on your tee and let people know you're going to change the world!

Let us know which is your fave tee in the comments below! xx
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