Accessoreyes this Halloween...

Vamp up your look this Halloween with some eye catching Halloween Contact Lenses by Accessoreyes...

These Celebrities are always taking things one step further, making their hair longer, their teeth whiter and their boobs bigger!

It seems that this trend to drastically change their look isn´t stopping there... These actors and singers will even change their eye colour (temporarily!) by wearing funky contact lenses in music videos and movies to create their character...

Accessoreyes Contact Lenses

Michael Jackson made us all Scream when he wore yellow contact lenses in his Thriller video, Darth Maul made our skin crawl in Star Wars and, in a weird kinda way, we still wanted to be Rebecca Romijn when we saw her as Mystique in the XMen Movies...?!

But what really got us interested in these lenses was when we saw the GORGEOUS Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart wearing them in the Twilight movies. Is it wrong to want to be a Vampire?!

If you want to get the look then you will be VERY interested in our Accessoreyes Contact Lenses!

We want to provide the best prices and quality for our fancy dress, so we are offering these Contact Lenses at a special reduced rate of only £11.99 per pair!

Our funky Accessoreyes Contact Lenses are available in 4 designs:

Black - Block Effect Contact Lenses

Cat Eyes - Red ´Cat Eye´ effect Contact Lenses

Thriller Cat - Yellow ´Cat Eye´ Effect

White - Block Effect Contact Lenses  (Just like Storms!)

Halloween Contact Lenses

And the best bit is that these lenses can be reused for up to 30 days! So if you´re going to more than one Halloween Party this (you party animals you...) then you can wear your lenses again and again.

So there really is no excuse to not get involved this Halloween....

Happy Halloween

Love The Girls xx 

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