Adulting sucks - The 10 things they don't tell you!

Ahh 'adulting'. It feels like you wait forever to be able to do what you want when you want; to leave school and have no homework, to be able to go out when you want with who you want and to generally run your own life. What a load of rubbish, take us back to teenage life! The things they don't tell you about being an adult is that life can be hard, tiring and sometimes a little boring - we've summed up the top 10 reasons why adulting sucks!

You will never feel like an adult - Yup, you may live in your own house, dress yourself and pay the bills, but we can guarantee you'll never feel like an adult.

You Google EVERYTHING! - Think adults know everything? Nope! God knows how people coped before the internet!?

You never have enough time - Think adults can do what they want when they want? HA! Nope. Time is a rare gift when you're adulting your way through life.

You're always tired - Working, eating...­cleaning! I mean everything is so tiring! Bring back the days of a 9am - 3.30pm day and cartoons!

Things are expensive! - Fruit and veg will never be looked at the same again; you have to take out a small mortgage to buy an avocado, and you now understand why your dad turned the heating down all the time!

You start to enjoy nights in - Who'd have thought an evening of Love Island and some hot chic would have you looking forward to staying on the sofa...US! You can't wait to cancel plans, get in your PJs and chill!

You start to understand things your parents used to say - Remember when your parents hated your music, TV shows and cool phrases. WE NOW GET IT! We have no idea what the kids are up to! "prangy" "lit" and music that is copied from the 90s - no thanks!

You appreciate your parents - You realise that your parents are just winging it too! They also put up wth all your late nights, hungover mornings and thinking you were right (we you clearly weren't!)

You can't as eat as much as you used to - Remember when you could eat a Maccy D's for breakfast, lunch and tea and still fit into the size 10 black dress...NO LONGER WORKS. Now we have to actually work out, eat well and dare I say it...look after ourselves!

Drinking is no longer a good idea - Yup, you can no longer rock up at work after an all-nighter. Now you have to get your 8 hours and plenty of fluids after one glass of wine...GREAT!

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