GNO Interviews Sarah Graham on life as a Party Organiser!


If you caught our recent lowdown on the best bars and clubs for nights out in Manchester, you’ll have read about Tiger Tiger’s popularity as a hot spot. As big fans of the venue ourselves, we were delighted to catch up with Sarah Graham, a Party Coordinator from Tiger Tiger. Sarah’s been involved in organising hundreds of parties in Manchester and we wanted the gossip!

Tiger Tiger Hen Party Planner Sarah

 So, you’re a party coordinator.  Is that as fab a job as it sounds?

 I don’t like to brag.. but yes job is amazing haha! Stressful at times but very fulfilling!


 Sum up what you to day to day?

 Well a coffee is always in hand! During the week we have loads of parties contacting us and even coming to have a quick look at the venue and with 7 rooms over 3 floors does keep me fit! The weekend is a different story as it is all GO GO GO from 12pm to 3am making sure everything is booked in and all of our packages and areas are ready to go for the night!


How many parties do you host at Tiger Tiger in a typical month?

I would say 70% of our bookings on a weekend are Hen Parties! So to work it about I would say about a good 400 a month from dance classes to karaoke! We do everything here that’s why I think we are so popular!


What’s the best fancy dress costume you’ve seen?

This is such a hard question as I have seen so many good ones! I would say my favourite was a Big Fat Gypsy Wedding themed Hen Party! The Hen had gone all out with a huge puffy wedding dress that lit up and the rest of her party were dressed in the most extravagant gowns I had ever seen! It was Diamanté Pineapple & Palm Tree galore! It was such a good effort and definitely brightened up the place!


Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Fancy dress Costume 

What’s the weirdest request you’ve had from a hen party?

The weirdest request I think I have ever had was being asked by one of the girls to put a blow up doll, fully dressed with a her friend’s face stuck to it and sit it in the restaurant before they arrived! The lady who had her face on the blow up doll actually couldn’t make the Do, so to make her feel part of the party they did this and took loads of photos! Very thoughtful but very strange walking in to the restaurant seeing a blow up doll in the corner by itself!


What’s the largest party size you’ve catered for?

It was a whopping 54 girls for a Hen Party! It did start at 30 but numbers just kept going up and up! They all came in Where’s Wally fancy dress too… They didn’t really blend in the background though!

Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costumes Ideas


Who’s normally the wildest on the hen party? (Bride to Be, Chief Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride etc?)

It has to be the Bridesmaid’s as a whole to be honest! Some can be so naughty! It’s lucky I have a good sense of humour!


What’s the typical age range of the hen parties visiting Tiger Tiger?

Well, the oldest Hen we have had was 74 years old and she LOVED our Groovy Wonderland but I would say the average age is 20 – 40 years old. Because we are a unique venue with different bars and music genres we attract a very wide age group. One big party for any age!


What’s the most memorable party you’ve catered for? (Good or bad!)

Well, one party does stick in my mind and always will because they actually spent the whole day here! They walked in at 12pm (Our Opening Time) and had some lunch, once they had finished, they headed up to White Room for a Cocktail Master Class which started at 2pm, then at 4pm, they went into our Lucky Voice Karaoke for 2 hours, so at 6pm, they went to our Tiger Bar and had a Pre-Dinner area with some nibbles and some drinks during our Happy Hour, then at 7:30pm, they went into our Grill Restaurant for a 3 Course meal, then at 10pm they headed up to our Groovy Wonderland for one of our packages and then stayed there for the night! I think they stumbled out the doors at 02:55am!! They were so lovely as well so was glad to have them!



Thinking about heading to Tiger Tiger for your party? Give Sarah a call on 07889 723 075. Keep up with Tiger Tiger on Twitter and Facebook.

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