Are Eyelashes the only thing False about the X Factor?!

False LashesEven if you girls aren´t the biggest fans of this year´s X Factor, there´s no way you´ll have escaped the recent headlines! There´s been a LOT of gossiping about the X Factor in the news (and in our office!) since this weekend´s candidates for the live shows were announced...

There were tears, smiles and gasps of shock from us girls as each group of candidates were revealed! But the biggest debate has to be over Cheryl´s choices for her Top 3:

1) Rebecca 2) Cher and 3) Gamu. ... Oh no, Wait! Katie?!

Shock Shock Horror Horror!!

Gamu had been a clear favourite ever since her first audition, plus with Cheryl´s biting comments to Katie, ?if I´m honest, you´re a bit annoying? (Cringe!) it seemed certain to us that Gamu would be chosen... Despite forgetting her words, crying mid-song and generally being a bit of a Drama Queen, we have to admit that we LOVED Katie´s Fabulous False Lashes! Full, false and totally feathery - this is one bit of drama we love!

Have you got the X Factor?! Take a look through our False Lashes and let´s see if something catches your eye... We are definitely looking forward to seeing the Girls in the Live Shows!

Happy Watching Ladies! Love, The Girls xx
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