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It's FASHION MONTH! And whether you're an avid follower of fashion, or really not that fussed, you won't be able to escape the month that we discover what the insta-queens will be wearing over the next 6 months. As a fashion brand, we like to think that we stay ahead of the trends. Although we LOVE personalising your dream slogans, we also love coming up with trend-led pieces that we KNOW you'll love. With that in mind, we've picked our FAVE AW18 trends that you neeeeeed to have in your wardrobe. There really is something for every style and age (and remember, nearly all of our designs are unisex!)

[caption id="attachment_­4453" align="aligncenter" width="888"] (@becwatkinson, @annabrayart, @emmahoareau, @whatmazwears, @­lauras­lit­tle­locket)­[/­caption]

Line Art - If you're an instagram user, you won't be a stranger to the latest 'french girl' trend. Simple, chic and oh so stylish, taking inspiration from Picasso and matisse, the simpler, the better. With that in mind, we got resident artiste, Dom & Ink, to create some sassy versions of one of our fave trends! We wanted to go a bit more edgy with our creations, and we're over the moon with the results!

Nope Illustrated T Shirt - New Post Up Line Art T Shirt - Dead Edgy Hun T Shirt 

[caption id="attachment_­4455" align="aligncenter" width="869"] (@camillecharriere, @­margherita.­tamraz, @­dayloustyles_)[/­caption]

Animal Print - We're WILD (sorry) for animal print! Leopard, snake, tiger, if it moves, we'll take it! Animal prints were all over AW18 catwalks, and it's finally filtered down to the high street, and we obvs wanted a piece of the action! Introducing...­LEOPARD PRINT FONT! YASSS! We've turned up the sass levels, and added this favoured print to our sassy slogans!

Fierce T Shirt - Don't Text Him T Shirt - Wild At Heart Vest 

[caption id="attachment_­4456" align="aligncenter" width="892"] (@sineadcrowe, Pinterest - please contact for picture credit)[/­caption]

Slogans - SORRY NOT SORRY! I mean, how could we not include our all time fave trend - the slogan tee. Wear with anything, this year, the bolder the better. Graphic tees, motivational quote tees, anything you want to say; WEAR IT! YAS!

Big Deal T Shirt - Run The World T Shirt - Amount Of F*cks Given T Shirt

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