Be Savvy! An Interview With Our Fave Islander!

We fell in love with her at Casa Amor; with her stunning looks and great northern humour, Savannah Darnell was bubbly, sexy and 100% sassy. The dancer (and amazing singer!) from Sheffield totally stole our hearts (boys, what were you thinking!?) and we wish we’d seen more of her. Well now is our chance! Since leaving the villa, life has got a little crazy, but with some exciting projects coming up, including dance workshops, we took some time to chat to our gorgeous girl crush and find out more about what she has in store!

How has life been since leaving Love Island (pretty crazy, we’re sure!)?

 My life has been hectic!!! I was only in Love Island for a short amount of time but still has changed my life massively. I have opportunities and doors opening that would have never been opened before I went on the show. So it’s all very positive and I’m very excited for the future!
We genuinely loved watching you in Casa Amore (breath of fresh air!), do you think you would have done anything differently if you had your chance to do it again?
Aw thank you! I felt like I wasn’t 100% myself in the house.. usually I’m this crazy, energetic, hyper girl that doesn’t shut up.. but in there, all the pressure and meeting new people made me REAL shy! It was weird. That’s the only thing I would change. Other than that, I absolutely loved every second.
You come from a family of performers, do you think there was any other job you would have done if you weren’t a dancer, or is it in your blood?
I couldn’t actually imagine doing anything other than performing. I love it so much! And obviously growing up being around performers (all my family are performers it’s crazy haha), it was just what I wanted to do. At a PUSH... if I had to choose a different job... I do enjoy Photography. I really love taking pictures! That’s another passion of mine.

You’re holding a series of workshops in a few weeks, what can we expect? 

The Workshops that I’m holding are all about having fun and being able to feel confident. I had a hard time as a teenager always trying to hide who i really was, trying to be something I wasn’t. I want girls to feel confident and happy within themselves.
I’m doing a workshop based on dance / chats about life / questions and I just want to help girls get through hard times and I want to be a role model. Now I am in the public eye I want to be in the public eye for the right reasons. I’ll be teaching a funky street dance routine. As well as Q+A / Love Island Chats and snacks and Photo opportunities.
Have you always wanted to teach performing/­dancing?
I’ve always enjoyed dancing and performing - so I thought why not teach other people the thing that I’m so passionate about.
And finally, what does the rest of 2018 hold in store for you? Will you be planning any more workshops?
The rest of 2018... I’m focusing a lot on my YouTube Channel at the moment. Really wanting to grow that into something big. My music and dancing is still a massive passion of mine, so will continue with my ‘Be Savvy’ Workshops and also bringing out new music soon
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