Behind the Scenes: Wally Photoshoot

Yes, we know we look like Wallys - but that´s the point!!

Take a look at the Behind the Scenes video for our latest Wally Fancy ­Dress ­photoshoot:

Wally Fancy Dress

If you´re looking for some fun Fancy Dress then why not get some fab Wally Girl Costumes!

We´ve got some Brand New Wally Fancy Dress in stock now so Get the look Girls

Leggings, Hotpants, Red and White Fluffies, Tights, stockings, T shirts and vest tops...... Take your pick!

AND! Just so the boys don´t feel left out, we have a brand new section of Wheres Wally Fancy Dress Costumes! ,

We had a LOT of fun just doing the photoshoot and have already decided to wear our Wally Fancy dress again for a Birthday Party in April!

Have Fun Wallys!

Love, The Girls xx

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