Bestival Fancy Dress Parade is this Saturday!

Bestival 2011 - Fancy dress

That´s right, this weekend is THE time to channel your inner Rock Star, Pop Star or (for us here at Girly Night Out) your inner Diva!

This weekend sees the Sold Out Bestival kick off in style! Not only is it one of our favourite festivals due to its music and location, but each year the organisers throw THE best fancy dress party EVER! (And that´s what we´re all about!) This year´s Fancy Dress theme will give you the chance to unleash your inner Madonna or Michael Jackson Moon Walk...

Bestival DJ, Rob da Bank explains... "Dressing up and escapism has always been a big part of Bestival and our faithful crew are mega inventive to the point of eccentricity! This year´s theme of Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas should give everyone enough ideas to really let rip with some outrageous, weird and downright flamboyant outfits. There are no excuses! Having said that i hope everyone doesn´t take it too literally - I´d love to see some Frank Zappas, Captain Beefhearts, Skream and Bengas or a Karen Carpenter as much as the better known faces. This has got to be a great opportunity for some group action too! Personally it´s a toss-up between Dolly Parton and Prince? could make for an interesting outfit!"

This year the traditional Fancy Dress Parade will be on Saturday. Floats will start at the one side of the campsite and will pick people up throughout the campsites as it passes. So don´t just stand there and watch as Rock Star, Pop Stars and Divas from the past pass by... get involved! Apparently there will also be a ´Dressing Up´ Tent on site to help you get dolled up. So grab your false lashes, face paints and fancy dress from www.­girlynightout.­co.­uk and head down to Bestival this weekend! (Next Day Delivery available!!)

Don´t Forget! The Fancy Dress Competition on Saturday afternoon will give prizes to:

- The most fantastic group,
- Most fantastic individual,
- Most fantastic kid,
- Most fantastic home made creation (this should be interesting!)
- Most fantastic beard & moustache and
- Most fantastic pants!

Celebrity Judges including the actual Village People will be on hand to give their esteemed opinions... so make an effort!

Have fun guys!

Love The Girls xx
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