Bestival Festival Bingo!

The multi-award winning Camp Bestival returns for a fourth festi-holiday THIS 28th to 31st July 2011 at the enchanting Lulworth Castle in Dorset.

Famed for their brilliant fancy dress themes and great music, the Bestival peeps have come up with a fun little game to keep everyone entertained!

Add some extra fun to your family´s costume spotting at Camp Bestival this year with this fun bingo game courtesy of one very clever Camp Bestival Forum member (atatreedy).

Simply print the image off (one for everyone!), don´t forget to take it to the festival and let the fun begin! The aim of the game? To try and mark off as many fancy dress costumes as you can spot in the least amount of time; it´s guaranteed to get you into the medieval spirit at Camp Bestival this year (plus you get to ogle at all the amazing costumes being paraded around without looking a little bit creepy...!)

To help you out a little, the images from top left, reading left to right, and top to bottom are as follows:

Dragon Pirate Flag(s) Crown Princess Queen Witch(es) Knight Jester Sword Jouster Princesses´ Pointy Hat Wizard Robin Hood / Archer Castle King Shield

Get your pens at the ready - good luck!

Head to the Bestival Blog to download your very own Besti-Bingo score card! But in the meanwhile, browse our Fancy Dress and see which costume you´ll be wearing for this years festival...

Check out our Sexy Halloween Costumes that are already online to get your wicked Bestival look...

Have fun!

Love the Girls xx

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