You know us, we like to be EXTRA with most things, but when it comes to Easter Eggs,  this year, even WE have been out done! From Avocado shaped eggs (no, we're not kidding) to champagne infused 'extra thick' eggs - YAS! We have done the hard job for you (and what a job, searching for chocolate eggs) and we have narrowed it down to the 10 'most EXTRA' eggs for sale this year!



Starting off with our fave. A GOLD PINEAPPLE egg. I mean, come on, this has to be the best thing you've ever seen! It's a milk chocolate, gold lustre egg, with PINA COLADA flavoured truffles...SOLD! Next up, we're getting all sophisticated with the arty metallic, geometric egg. This silver and gold covered milk chocolate egg is perfect for the friend who has EVERYTHING. It's not cheap though...



Next up we're getting colourful, with this arty paint splash egg! We love a bit of colour here at Rock On Ruby and this is right up our street! It's dark Venezuelan chocolate with milk chocolate truffles, YAS. Oh how we love champagne...but you know what we love more? CHAMPAGNE FLAVOURED CHOCOLATE! And that's exactly what you get when you buy this Hotel Chocolat beauty! The extra thick egg comes packed with champagne truffles...sign us up!



Whilst we're on the alcohol theme...check out this Thorntons Strawberry Prosecco EggWith a milk chocolate shell and white chocolate prosecco truffles, it's the perfect thing to have with your Easter glass of bubble! Next up...more prosecco. This Prestat beauty has a pink popping layer inside the egg, that apparently feels like the bubbles of a perfect prosecco (we'll leave that for you to decide).



I mean who thought we would need an Avocado shaped easter egg...not us...but WE TOTALL DO! Luckily (we think) it doesn't taste like avo, but is a beautiful milk chocolate covered in white and dark chocolate too - YAS! Then there is this marshmallow filled milk chocolate egg from Amelie Chocolate. This indulgent which chocolate egg comes with tons of sugary marshmallows...we'll definitely be in a sugar coma after this!



It isn't Easter without a bit of Lindt. With literally hundreds to choose from, we've obvs gone for our fave colour...PINK! This strawberries and cream white chocolate, with strawberry truffles is the perfect thing this Easter! And finally, this in your face SHINY METALLIC pink and gold egg is THE ONE! This super babe from Marks and Spencer is Belgian chocolate, with champagne truffles (notice a theme...).

Whether you'll be indulging this year or not, at least you know how EXTRA these eggs can be! And remember, you can shop our super chic (k) Easter range of sassy slogans, here!