UV Neon Partyware


The girlynightout team would like to wish ´Boss Girl´ Lynzie a very Happy Birthday! The Birthday girl celebrated her big day at the weekend with our Bonfire Night of fun, a girly day shopping and a yummy birthday meal! But the fun didn´t stop there...

Yesterday we threw Lynzie a Neon-tastic Birthday Party in the girlynightout office! Using some of our UV Neon Partyware, we brightened up the Birthday Girl´s day with a table full of goodies! Try and ignore the yummy junk food on display... (cringe!) and take a look at the tasty treats that are our Neon Partyware! We couldn´t resist fighting over who got to use the Pink Neon Pitcher!! It´s totally funky and on sale for just ?5.99!

If you´re planning an Office Party / Hen Party / Birthday Treat for someone, then why not try decorating your party table with our colourful UV Neon Partyware?! It looks fun and funky, plus you can re-use it (unlike normal, paper party plates).

To create our Party Table we used:

- ´Happy Birthday´ Pink Sparkle Confetti, ?1.50
- ´Happy Birthday´ Pink Table Decoration, ?3.99
- Pink Neon Pitcher, ?5.99
- Neon Plastic Tumbler Glasses (50 pack), ?7.99
- Neon Plastic Party Plates (40 pack), ??8.99
- Neon Pink Champagne Flutes (10 pack), ?4.99
- Large Plastic Blue Neon Bowl, ?5.99

And yes Girls, it WAS as delicious as it looked!

Happy Birthday to Lynzie and to all our girlynightout customers who have a Birthday this week... Have a great girlynightout girls!

Lots of Love,
The Girls xx