Lockdown seems to have re-ignited the flame for reading. Actually, everyone just seemed to grab onto any hobby they used to have a slight interest in and roll with it because it was all we could do, but still, one of them has happened to be reading. So, we thought we'd hop on here and give a few suggestions - no one asked for them, but you will get them any way! We're big fans of all these lovely people so definitely check them out!



Jamie Windust - In Their Shoes

jamie windust in their shoes book

image via @Jamie_windust on instagram


Juno Dawson - Meat Market

meat market by Juno Dawson from pretty books blog

image via pretty books


Dom&Ink - Queer Power

queer power by dom and ink

image via @domandink on instagram


Dolly Alderton - Ghosts

dolly alderman ghosts novel

image via Dolly Alderton on twitter


Candice Carty-Williams - Queenie

queenie by candice carty-williams

image via candicec_w on instagram


Florence Given - Women Don't Owe You Pretty

florence given book women dont owe you pretty

image via @florencegiven on instagram


What are you currently reading?

Bethan ROR xx