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  1. Holidays are coming... Holidays are coming!

    Ladies Christmas Fancy Dress now online at Holidays are coming!
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  2. The Party Season has Arrived!

    New Years Eve Outfits and Accessories on
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  3. Coming To A Town Near You - Cheryl Cole & Simon Cowell!

    Celebrity Masks and Personalised Masks now on!
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  4. 118 118 Costumes - What's Your Number??

    118 Costumes now available on!
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  5. Witch Costumes? They're Flying Out!

    Sexy Witch Costumes online at!
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  6. 37 Days until Halloween............

    Halloween Costumes on
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  7. Love Fashion, Love Fancy Dress!

    Get your Geek Specs form
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  8. Introducing..... Miss Teen Halloween!

    Teenage Halloween Costumes are online at
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