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  1. Last Minute Halloween Costumes

    Last Minute Halloween Costumes
      This Halloween is definitely going to be different than usual! Maybe you're one of the few people without strict restrictions though and can still go out for a drink or meet up with some friends! Or maybe you're planning a virtual Halloween party with your mates. Either way, you can still dress up for sure! So, here's some last...
  2. NEW: Minion Fancy Dress!

    See it here first: Minion Fancy Dress Costumes and Accessories are now online at Girly Night Out! x
  3. Mean Girls - They're SO Fetch!

    There are so many reasons why we still love Mean Girls... Firstly, Rachel McAdams can do no wrong. Secondly Gretchen Weiner TOTALLY made Fetch happen. But most of all, for these 3 hilarious scenes: "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" We love this ingenious fashion statement. We are contemplating introducing this into our GNO uniform... Well, we do have many fabulously...
  4. Top 5 Clueless Moments, Like Ever.

    Top 5 Clueless Moments, Like Ever. As chosen by Girly Night Out x
  5. Back To School Fancy Dress

    This week at GNO HQ we're heading back to school! Yes it's that time of year when kiddies head off to the playground, freshers hit their halls and we suddenly get a hankering for new stationery... The new school year reminds us what a FAB fancy dress theme School is! (If you are heading off to Uni this month, you...
  6. Win a Sailor Costume for Bestival

    Win a Sailor Fancy Dress Costume for Bestival's Nautical Fancy Dress theme!
  7. Win a Onesie like Kylie Jenners!

    Win an army style onesie just like Kylie Jenners!
  8. Win a Flower Headband for your next Festival

    Win a Flower Headband for your next Festival from Girly Night Out
  9. Girly Night Out Dresses Layla Flaherty for Liverpool Pride!

    Girly Night Out Dresses Layla Flaherty for Liverpool Pride!
  10. Offer: 10% off all False Lashes

    Save on your false lashes with girly night out xx

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