1. 10 Of The Most EXTRA Easter Eggs!

    10 Of The Most EXTRA Easter Eggs!
    You know us, we like to be EXTRA with most things, but when it comes to Easter Eggs,  this year, even WE have been out done! From Avocado shaped eggs (no, we're not kidding) to champagne infused 'extra thick' eggs - YAS! We have done the hard job for you (and what a job, searching for chocolate eggs) and we...
  2. Eight 90s TV Shows We Miss!

    Eight 90s TV Shows We Miss!
    We all have shows we wish were still on TV. Whether they bring back happy memories of times gone by, or they are just so good that you don't understand why they stopped making it (the actors should be signed for LIFE right!? Now I do feel as though we may be giving our age away with this blog post...
  3. The 5 Stages of Gym Life

    The 5 Stages of Gym Life
    Gym life. Yes, you know, the new year, new me-detox-veganary-eat dust-look amazing life. It all starts out oh so positively; you join the gym, get the outfit (obvs), cut out everything remotely nice from your diet and best of all, you rope all of your friends into doing the same (so you can all be miserable together). Oh okay, so...
  4. Our Fave Things About Autumn!

    Our Fave Things About Autumn!
    Autumn; one of the best seasons (definitely in the top four!), here at Rock On Ruby, we can't get enough of the longer nights, colder days and the run up to Christmas of course! So we thought we'd show our love, and dedicate a blog post to our favourite things about most majestic season of them all!   1) Pumpkin...
  5. 5 Reasons To Be Single

    5 Reasons To Be Single
    It's September; for many it means new start, new jobs or new places to live. With many people off to uni, or taking gap years, it also means September is a very common time for break ups. Fear not! We're here to help you realise why you are single sassy and fabulous!     1) You’re The Best I mean...
  6. 5 Things We Learnt From Mean Girls

    5 Things We Learnt From Mean Girls
    Ok, so we're still getting over the fact that Mean Girls is nearly 14 years old - (OH MY GOD - WE ARE OFFICIALLY OLD!) but we realised that this modern day classic taught us some valuable life lessons. From showing us what to wear and when to wear it, to how to make 'Fetch' happen; Mean Girls is a...
  7. Freshers Survival Tips

    Freshers Survival Tips
    Oh Freshers week. The beginning of what may just be, the best chapter of your life. With new starts, new cities and maybe even a new relationship (or 2), we wanted to use our knowledge to help guide you through a week that should be sponsored by the phrase 'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger' - if you're anything...
  8. How To Deal With A Break Up

    How To Deal With A Break Up
    1) Go Out It may be tempting, but do not stay in. Whether you call your girls, go late night shopping (your credit card will always love you) or get yourself to the gym (ok who are we kidding!?) - make sure you don’t sit in listening to Taylor Swift and watching the Notebook. 2) Stop Comparing Yourself Yes, easier...
  9. 5 Life Lessons We Learnt From Beyonce

    5 Life Lessons We Learnt From Beyonce
    Bey, Yonce, Queen B or just simply; Beyonce. The woman that has pretty much single handedly inspired a whole generation of strong women! We’re all about girl power here at ROR, in fact our team here is 80% female (#girlboss!) so we wanted to discuss all the lessons that the ultimate queen of sass has taught us over the years...

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