1. Do We All Need A Digital Detox?

    Do We All Need A Digital Detox?
    Our blog post earlier in the week, featuring the wonderful 'Dom's Digital Hugs' got us thinking; could we all do with a digital detox to help our mental health and wellbeing? Life in the digital age is full of challenges. Most of the ROR Team grew up before the internet (oh yes, no camera phone or anything!) and we feel...
  2. Empowering Women is our Thang!

    Empowering Women is our Thang!
    It's 2018 and the world (bar loser Trump) are fully woke and embracing powerful women (about time). With 100 years since (some women) got the vote, the V&A showcasing original girl power icon, Frida Kahlo and our women athletes owning the recent European Championships (YAS HUNS), we finally feel a change is coming. Despite the worries and concerns about social...
  3. Girl Boss Diaries: Fox And Moon

    Girl Boss Diaries: Fox And Moon
    We're all about inspiring women here at Rock On Ruby, so what better way to get some end of week motivation (and a bit of a pick up after last night's game), than hearing about fellow girl bosses who are nailing it right now. So, we've decided to start our new 'Girl Boss Diaries', where each month we'll introduce you...
  4. World Mental Health Day 2017

    World Mental Health Day 2017
      Did you know 1 in 3 people will suffer some form of mental health issue within their lifetime - that's an awful lot of people. Today is World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to talking openly about a disease that was once stigmatised. Invisible illnesses are always tricky - firstly because, well, they're invisible. You could be stood...

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