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  1. How to Tie Dye A Sweatshirt

    How to Tie Dye A Sweatshirt
    After releasing our new embroidered tie dye t-shirts we just cannot get enough tie dye in our wardrobes right now! I had to add some more and give it a go myself so decided to dye my personalised year jumper.  I'd managed to get foundation on the bright white collar so it's the perfect cover up! This is a great...
  2. Love your planet!

    Love your planet!
    Despite the fact that 2018 has brought many worrying times; Trump is still President, we're almost certainly going through with Brexit and the makers of the digestive biscuit told us the chocolate part was the BOTTOM of the biscuit (still can't cope with that!), it's also been a year that the world has seemed more united in trying to preserve...
  3. Staying Sassy Whilst Saving The Planet

    Staying Sassy Whilst Saving The Planet
    2018 is definitely the year of reminding ourselves just how special our planet is. With the release of Blue Planet 2 last year; it seemed to put a magnifying glass on all the things that humans have been doing to harm our one and only planet Earth. Okay, so some of them were more obvious than others; such as dumping...

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