1. Valentine's Movie Night

    Valentine's Movie Night
      Our valentine's date this year will most likely be spent cuddled up on the sofa eating snacks a drinking wine! Hey, we're not complaining! But picking the film... now that might be difficult! Don't have an evening of scrolling through Netflix trailers, here are our top picks for your Valentine's movie night...     ★ - I've put this...
  2. What to Watch on Netflix This Halloween

    What to Watch on Netflix This Halloween
      Autumn was made for cosy nights in with a good film. Plus, with this Halloween sure to be a quieter one, it's likely to be the plan for more people than usual on the 31st. So, I thought I'd pull together some of the best Halloween-y things to watch that are available on Netflix in the UK at the...
  3. 7 Films With A Strong Female Lead

    7 Films With A Strong Female Lead
      It's September (how?!) and I am so unbelievably ready for cosy Autumn nights in, watching a film with the fire on and a hot chocolate (or maybe a glass of wine) in hand. The only issue is deciding what to watch. So, I've taken the work out of it for you and put together my fave films with a...
  4. What's On Netflix: What We're Watching This Month!

    What's On Netflix: What We're Watching This Month!
    January. It's grey, it's cold, we're all poor (one day to go till pay day though, stay strong people!) so it's no wonder that we all turn to the one thing we can all count on. It's there for us no matter what, unconditionally and makes us feel all warm inside - no not a puppy, although you can get...
  5. Our Top 10 Romantic Movies

    Our Top 10 Romantic Movies
    Can you read the title of this blog without singing it - nope, we thought not (it's been in our head ALL day!). So yes, as you can tell by our sensual title, we're getting in the mood for Valentine's day tomorrow! Now you may think we're being a little hypocritical, considering we were raving about how good being single...
  6. One Film You Won't Want To Miss... Magic Mike.

    Channing Tatum strips! Online at
  7. Robert and Kirsten discuss Twilight - Breaking Dawn!

    The final Twilight film is coming.... See Edward and Bellas interview on
  8. Snow White & the very sexy Huntsman...

    Forget the seven dwarves... the latest version of Snow White involves a very sexy huntsman... See the review on

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