1. What To Buy The Friend That Has Everything

    What To Buy The Friend That Has Everything
    We all know one, the friend who has EVERYTHING. The latest tech, trends and accessories, you saw it on them first. So what happens when you need to get them a gift (ARGGGHHHH!?). This could lead many to a very stressful situation...well not for us and we're here to help! We have everything you need to know about finding a...
  2. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
      It's officially the month of lurrrveee and to celebrate, we thought we'd introduce you to the very best of our 'Love Collection'. Now, we don't feel you need just one day to show your faves how much they mean to you, but it's certainly a very good excuse! Whether they are fashionista's, beauty babes or a caffeine addict; we...
  3. Gifts For Him (All under £38 + FREE DEL!)

    Gifts For Him (All under £38 + FREE DEL!)
    Ah Christmas. A joyful time, where everything is covered in glitter, cheerful songs play on the radio and you can't wait to see your loved ones. REALITY; you're stressed, don't have enough hours in the day and if someone plays Mariah Carey again you will SCREAM! Well let us take some stress away with our weekly gift guides. This week...
  4. Resting Bitch Face Gift Guide

    Resting Bitch Face Gift Guide
    You know us; we like to stay sassy! We believe it's the best way to get through the day; oh yes, a little bit of sass goes a long way. We know you guys feel the vibes, as some of of best selling products are our in your face, tell it like it is, utterly fabulous designs. Whether it's telling...

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