1. Win a Bewitching Witch Costume

    Have a Bewitching Halloween in our sexy Witch Costumes and Accessories! As part of our weekly giveaways in the run up to Halloween, we're offering yet another spookily sexy Halloween Costume! This week, you can get bewitched, bothered and bewildered in this Wicked Witch Costume! This purple and black costume by Fever includes, a fitted black dress with garter straps...
  2. Have A Wicked Hen Night!

    Wicked the Musical has long been a broadway favourite, but this magical tale has now reached us here in the North! Yes, in September, Wicked came to Manchester and we just HAD to check it out! The musical tells the story of two unlikely friends, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) and Glinda (the Good Witch of the North...
  3. Win a Daring Devil Halloween Costume!

    Halloween is THE biggest night of the year for fancy dress and here at Girly Night Out we couldn't be more excited! To celebrate our fave fancy dress event, we'll be giving away Halloween fancy dress and accessories throughout the month... To start our October gieaways, our fist competition is to win our Daring Devil Costume! This sexy fancy dress...
  4. Top 5 Cheap Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

    Ok, let's keep this simple... Here are our Top 5 ideas for a cheap Halloween Costume! 1. Zombie. We may be stating the obvious here, but you can literally zombify ANYTHING. All you will need is a bottle of fake blood (£2.50 on Girly Night Out) and then get creative! What do you want to be this year? Fireman, Cop...
  5. Halloween 2013 - It's coming!

    Halloween is coming to Girly Night Out! Get 10% off all Halloween Costumes throughout September x
  6. Creepy Halloween Nails

    Complete your costume with Creepy Halloween Nails! Design ideas on www.girlynightout.co.uk
  7. How to be a Cullen Vampire...

    How to be a Cullen Vampire... Get the look on www.girlynightout.co.uk
  8. Behind the scenes on our Halloween Photoshoot

    See Behind the scenes on our Halloween Photoshoot on www.girlynightout.co.uk
  9. Sexy Cat Costume Ideas

    Sexy Cat Costume Ideas on www.girlynightout.co.uk
  10. 3 Ways to Wear our Neon Orange 7 layer tutu...

    3 Ways to Wear our Neon Orange 7 layer tutu... Halloween Costume Ideas online at www.girlynightout.co.uk

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