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  1. 30 Day Style Challenge

    30 Day Style Challenge
      Yes, you read that right. Here at Rock On Ruby, we've set ourselves a 30 Day style Challenge: How to wear 1 sweatshirt, 30 different ways, over 30 different days! We've kicked off the Style Challenge on Earth Day in order to show that Fast Fashion can be slowed down! We always make jokes about how we "never have...
  2. How To Wear: Our Sassy Mama Inspired Slogans

    How To Wear: Our Sassy Mama Inspired Slogans
      Okay, so we may have mentioned this, but Mother's Day is NEXT WEEKEND. But don't stress, we have totally got you! Being a mum is the hardest job in the world; what with sleepless nights, tantrums, and being thrown up on A LOT (and that's just the teenage years!), most don't get a lot of time to themselves. Well...
  3. Styling Our Mary Poppins Inspired Slogan Sweaters!

    Styling Our Mary Poppins Inspired Slogan Sweaters!
    Tomorrow our dreams are coming true...Mary Poppins Returns (the sequel to the original MP)  is out in cinemas - HURRAH! If you're anything like us, you'll have been slightly obsessed with the original film for many many years (not giving our ages away of course). From Dick Van Dyke's terrible cockney accent, to hurting our fingers from trying to click...
  4. Who's Been Rocking ROR This Week?!

    Who's Been Rocking ROR This Week?!
    It's that time again! Yes, the best part of our week (apart from Friday gin time, obvs) is seeing how you lot style up our sassy slogans! It's mid-November, and it's finally starting to get a bit chilly, and you've been going crazy for our sweaters! Cosy, fleece lined and perfect for any style, our stylish jumpers are a great...
  5. Street Style: Dead Edgy T Shirt

    Street Style: Dead Edgy T Shirt
    If you're a regular on Instagram or Pinterest, you'll know that line art is a MASSIVE trend right now. We're not normally known for our minimal looks (EXTRA all the way hun!) but we really wanted to show our appreciation to one of AW18 biggest looks. We obviously wanted to bring the sass to this minimalistic drawing style, so obviously...
  6. Transitional Dressing

    Transitional Dressing
    Transitional dressing; it strikes the fear into most of us. It's this awkward time of year, when it can be absolutely freezing and frosty at 9am, but 18c and sunny at 3pm; that's the UK for you! If we're not complaining about the weather then it's about what to wear in the weather. Stylish and sweating doesn't really go, so...
  7. Why We Love Autumn

    Why We Love Autumn
    Ahh Autumn. The nights may be drawing in, and it may be slightly colder than usual (we're from Manchester, it's ALWAYS cold), but it is most definitely one of our favourite (and busiest) times of the year. Obvs it's a total coninqkydink that it means Christmas (yup we said it) is not far away, but it's also; sweater season, pumpkin...
  8. LFW Street Style Faves!

    LFW Street Style Faves!
    LFW baby! One of the best cities in the world (only beaten by Manchester obvs) has just held one of the most fashionable fashion weeks (EXTRA FASH HUN!). They really know how to throw a party, and although the UK isn't always known for our confidence in the fashion department, this year, the street style was next level SASS. We...
  9. Uni Style - Sassy Slogans!

    Uni Style - Sassy Slogans!
    Now you know we live for a slogan, but we especially love it when a slogan can brighten someones day, make them smile or just generally go YAS HUN! With freshers week looming, we know some of you may be feeling nervous and apprehensive of what's to come, but believe us, it's going to be one of the best times...
  10. AW18 Trends

    AW18 Trends
    It's FASHION MONTH! And whether you're an avid follower of fashion, or really not that fussed, you won't be able to escape the month that we discover what the insta-queens will be wearing over the next 6 months. As a fashion brand, we like to think that we stay ahead of the trends. Although we LOVE personalising your dream slogans...

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