1. Styling ROR with Second Hand Clothing

    Styling ROR with Second Hand Clothing
      With it being second hand September, we really wanted to up our charity shop game and conscious styling here at Rock On Ruby. A couple posts ago, we shared with you our top tips for going charity shopping or "Thrifting" (if you didn't see it check it out here) and so this week we put our money where our...
  2. Styling the Bleach Dye Trend Three Ways

    Styling the Bleach Dye Trend Three Ways
    I think our obsession with tie dye is abundantly clear now. Whether you want to get creative and try it yourself with our how to tie dye guide, or our bleach dye step by step, or just bypass the mess completely and buy one of our sassy embroidered tie dye tops, there's a look for everyone and every style! So...
  3. Black Friday

      Black Friday: the best and most hectic day in the sales calendar. Shops and websites across the world will offer discount upon discount for your browsing delight. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is on the hunt for the best bargain. We aren't excluding ourselves from this frantic shop and drop (in your shopping basket). Get ready for Friday 25th...

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