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  1. UK Staycation Outfits

    UK Staycation Outfits
      Here at ROR HQ we talk a lot about finally being able to go abroad again. But, sometimes you can't get any better than a good old fashioned Staycation! We've al got them planned here in the office and are looking forward to them as much as any other holiday! We even had a little bit of holiday chat...
  2. The Making of our Father's Day range

    The Making of our Father's Day range
      Our new Father's Day range is live!! We wanted these products to be full of fun and all about repping your team name - because they've always got your back! We thought we'd walk you through some of the design process and how we got to the final products that are online...     So, we wanted to create...
  3. All About Our Sassy Packaging

    All About Our Sassy Packaging
      Last week, we announced that with every image of our sassy packaging that was shared, we would donate money to One Tree Planted to plant a tree on your behalf. So, this week, I thought I'd have a little chat on why we're so proud and completely obsessed with how we package our orders!     It looks amazing...
  4. Valentine's Movie Night

    Valentine's Movie Night
      Our valentine's date this year will most likely be spent cuddled up on the sofa eating snacks a drinking wine! Hey, we're not complaining! But picking the film... now that might be difficult! Don't have an evening of scrolling through Netflix trailers, here are our top picks for your Valentine's movie night...     ★ - I've put this...
  5. Fave Staff Picks - Valentine's Edition!

    Fave Staff Picks - Valentine's Edition!
      Valentine's Day is just round the corner! If you haven't seen (have you been living under a rock?!) we released an adorable Valentine's Collection including sweatshirts, t-shirts and accessories! If you need help deciding which amaze product you want to be yours (a difficult choice!) everyone in the Rock On Ruby office has picked their favourite piece from the...
  6. 8 Ways to Use Your ROR X Just Harry Keyring!

    8 Ways to Use Your ROR X Just Harry Keyring!
      Just in case we haven't banged on about it enough, we always want you to get the absolute most out of your Rock On Ruby products! No matter how big or small! Last year, for Valentine's day, we collaborated with the super talented Just Harry Designs to bring you some super cute, personalised keyrings made entirely from pre-loved denim...
  7. 2020 - Our year in Pictures

    2020 - Our year in Pictures
      2020 was not the year that anyone was expecting. And while we can say we're glad it's over, we still managed to accomplish many things over those 12 months! We decided to go back through all our posts of this year and remember all the great things that happened for us and Rock On Ruby as a business!  ...
  8. ROR Upcycle: Easy DIY Headband

    ROR Upcycle: Easy DIY Headband
      Our easiest upcycle to date! We're upcycling an old t-shirt again! If you're like me, you spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest and have noticed headbands have started popping up all over the place again. I thought they would be the perfect example to use as a super easy upcycle project! Our t-shirts are the perfect fabric...
  9. How To: Edit Your IOS14 Homepage

    How To: Edit Your IOS14 Homepage
      If you hadn't heard (have you been living under a rock?) IOS had a new update - and it was a big one; maybe not quite the jump from 3D style icons to the new 2D style but still, pretty big. You can now fully customise the layout of your home page and people have been loving it. The...
  10. ROR Introducing: @styledbyhannie

    ROR Introducing: @styledbyhannie
      We love getting to know the people wearing our products here at Rock On Ruby. That's why we started a series of ROR Introducing posts! Click here to read the @teddybearmedic post if you missed it! A few weeks ago we got to catch up with Hannah Shaw AKA @styledbyhannie and here's what went down!   click to shop...

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