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  1. Love Island 2018!

    Love Island 2018!
      We're LOVE ISLAND fans! Yeah...if you've seen any of our social media, you'll know that here at ROR, we're not ashamed of our little obsession, and after last year, it seems like most of the UK is with us. So imagine our excitement watching last night's launch! We must admit, we all agreed that 2017 would be hard to...
  2. Eight 90s TV Shows We Miss!

    Eight 90s TV Shows We Miss!
    We all have shows we wish were still on TV. Whether they bring back happy memories of times gone by, or they are just so good that you don't understand why they stopped making it (the actors should be signed for LIFE right!? Now I do feel as though we may be giving our age away with this blog post...
  3. Our Top 10 Romantic Movies

    Our Top 10 Romantic Movies
    Can you read the title of this blog without singing it - nope, we thought not (it's been in our head ALL day!). So yes, as you can tell by our sensual title, we're getting in the mood for Valentine's day tomorrow! Now you may think we're being a little hypocritical, considering we were raving about how good being single...
  4. ROR's Christmas Film Guide

    ROR's Christmas Film Guide
    Oh yes, we know it's the time of year for parties, family get togethers and generally being quite the social butterfly; but it's also the time for copious amounts of TV and films! We know it's a busy period, and who has the time to read TV guides...well we do! We've scoured the Christmas schedules and put together our little...
  5. What's On: Stranger Things Season 2!

    What's On: Stranger Things Season 2!
      If you're anything like us, then you've been counting down the days until this 80s inspired spooky series is back in your life. It's been a long year (or few weeks if you were late to the party like me and watched it all in a weekend last month!) but it's now just a few short hours before Netflix...
  6. Love Island: The Boys Are Back!

      We don't know about you, but Autumn has been made an awful lot better with the return of our fave summer couple; Chris and Kem! Oh yes, if you're not aware (I mean who could have missed it!?) Chris and Kem were back on our screens on Sunday, with their very own two-part programme. Not knowing how we've survived...

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