1. Celebrate Pride Through TV and Film

    Celebrate Pride Through TV and Film
      Happy Pride Month! The LGBTQ+ community hasn't always had the best representation within TV and film. Hey, it still isn't perfect! But instead of focussing on that, I thought I'd focus on the positives and give you 5 amazing films and TV series that did it pretty well. These are perfect for you to watch throughout June to celebrate...
  2. 8 Non-Christmas Christmas Films

    8 Non-Christmas Christmas Films
      While Christmas definitely arrived earlier than usual this year, I still can't quite bring myself to watch any of the good classic Christmas films - you know Elf, the Grinch, Love Actually, etc. However, it really feels like we should be snuggled down and watching a festive film. So, here is a list of some great films that feel...
  3. Your perfect Self Care Evening

    Your perfect Self Care Evening
      England are back in another lockdown. It needs to be done, but it doesn't mean we're looking forward to it. The last lockdown was hard enough, but this time the days are shorter and the weather is sure to be worse. But, it's only for a month - we lasted much longer than that last time! And this time...
  4. 10 Friends Quotes That Sum Up Our Year So Far

    10 Friends Quotes That Sum Up Our Year So Far
      2020 has definitely been a unique one. It also gave me enough time to completely re watch the Friends series in order. Time well spent obviously!  So here's 10 Friends quotes that perfectly sum up our feelings throughout 2020!   When a global pandemic was announced on the news...     The moment we all started cleaning like Monica...
  5. 7 Films With A Strong Female Lead

    7 Films With A Strong Female Lead
      It's September (how?!) and I am so unbelievably ready for cosy Autumn nights in, watching a film with the fire on and a hot chocolate (or maybe a glass of wine) in hand. The only issue is deciding what to watch. So, I've taken the work out of it for you and put together my fave films with a...
  6. What's On: Stranger Things Season 2!

    What's On: Stranger Things Season 2!
      If you're anything like us, then you've been counting down the days until this 80s inspired spooky series is back in your life. It's been a long year (or few weeks if you were late to the party like me and watched it all in a weekend last month!) but it's now just a few short hours before Netflix...

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