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  1. 2021 Valentine's Gift Guide

    2021 Valentine's Gift Guide
      The day of Love is creeping up! It feels like I'm still recovering from Christmas at the moment but here we are! I'm here to help you take the guessing game out of gift giving and surprise your partner, your bestie, your mum or even yourself with a gift that will be cherished! And what better timing? We've just...
  2. Valentine's Clothing Collection!

    Valentine's Clothing Collection!
      It's coming up to that time again! Whether you're celebrating with your partner, your bestie, your family or just having a good old fashioned day of self love and care, we want to bring you products that will actually be cherished and appreciated this Valentines day! So, we thought we'd give you the first look at our collection to...
  3. Trend Alert - Neutral Tones

    Trend Alert - Neutral Tones
      I try not to give in to fast fashion - and all the waste it causes - and so that means not jumping onto every fashion trend that comes in. They change so quickly that by the time you wear the item it's all done and out and on to the next! However, I do sometimes fall for the...

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