Can You Tell What It Is Yet?!

One of the joys of being a ´Girly Night Out girl´ is that we have in-depth knowledge about everything on our website... We pride ourselves on trying and testing all items on our site before selling them, so we know exactly what will make your Hen Party or girly night out raving a success!

Often this means, modelling the fancy dress for photo shoots, sampling the ´Hangover Chocolate´ (YUM) or playing with the Hen Party games...

Hen Night Moulding Clay - Hen Party Games

So you can imagine our delight when the Hen Night Moulding Clay landed on our desks!

Game On!

This hen night kit contains:

- 2 Pink - 2 Brown, - 2 Black strips of Moulding Clay.

There´s more than enough for 6 people to play with!

Pick a theme and set your girls a challenge or simply see who can make the best model...

Girly Night Out Hen Night Moulding Clay

The hen night clay was evenly distributed and each Girly Night Out girl was given just a few minutes to make their masterpiece...

Our girls were given the task of creating something inspired by GNO HQ, but you can be as creative as you like!

The Benefits:

- Perfect for any girls night or Hen Party... - The small pack is easy to transport - Can be split between 6 players or teams - Clay can be re-used again and again!

Why not give a prize to the girl with the best finished piece?!
Can You Tell What We Made?!

  Girly Night Out Hen Night Moulding Clay

And the Winner was.... Sally for her amazing reproduction of our Girly Night Out mascot - Ruby!

Have hours of fun with your Hen Night Moulding clay girls!

Don´t forget to Tweet us a pic of your best models to @GirlyNightOut

Lots of Love xx

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