Christmas isn't Christmas until you've...

Nothing is better than Christmas when you´re a child... From starring in the Nativity... to listening for Sleigh bells on Christmas Eve... to getting up early to see if Santa has been! Then, racing downstairs to see if that shiny, big present under the tree has your name on it... And it DOES! Hurray hurray!!

With only days to go, we´ve put together our favourite festive treats to help you get in the spirit of Christmas this year! After all, Christmas isn´t Christmas until you´ve...

- Decorated your Christmas Tree. Whether it´s co-ordinated to perfection or home made decorations, set the scene for Christmas!

- Watched a Christmas film. We highly recommend any of the Home Alone films (but obviously, the first one is best!) and Polar Express is a ´MUST´ see with the family!

- Visited the Christmas Markets. Nothing will get you merrier than a big mug of Mulled Wine! If you´ve missed the markets this year then why not make your own Mulled Wine?! It´s easier then you think (Plus Marks and Spencers do a very yummy bottle!)

- Wrapped your Christmas Presents... Yes it´s stressful, yes you will probably cut that piece of wrapping paper just a centimeter too small... But it will all be worth it when you see your gifts piled up under your tree!

- Got your Christmas Pyjamas! Is it just us that have new ´Onesies´ for Christmas day?!

- Danced around your living room to Mariah Carey´s ´All I want for Christmas´ - Sorry Justin, but nothing beats the original version! And the Fairytale of New York by The Pogues.

- Worn a Santa Hat. To your Work do or to your family meal on Christmas Day... Nothing says ´ Christmas´ quite like a Santa Hat.

- Eaten a Mince Pie. Diets should be banned at Christmas!!

- Watched the Queens Speech. It´s Tradition.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Love, The Girls xx
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