Cocktails and Manicures at BarnIt Manchester

Cocktails and manicures, all under one roof...­impossible I hear you say? Well no longer, as the sassiest hair salon in town offers not just the most talked about balayage around; but also has 3 floors full of the latest beauty treatments, topped by a pink paradise of a nail bar, combined with AN ACTUAL BAR - heaven!

Yes, BarnIt is not just an Instagram heaven, with it's pink walls, neon lights and incredible art by their very own in-house artist, no, it is also the centre of a new revolutions; where beauty and socialising come together. A place where you can get ready for Saturday night with the girls, and have your very own barman to mix up your cosmos for you! It's something that seems so simple, yet BarnIt is the first in Manchester to have it's very own bar, so we thought we had better make good use of this beauty hub, and took our beautiful bloggers along for a shoot and some pampering!

Sophia, Chyaz and Ellen, along with Jack (our incredible photographer) popped along to sample the famous cocktails, and for the girls, a quick mani by the lovely nail technicians (there are 3 spaces, so you and your friends can all have them done at the same time!).

The girls rocked their 'Stay Sassy', personalised jackets and posed up a storm in the perfect pink backdrop - A massive thank you to the lovely guys at BarnIt who made us feel so welcome, we'll definitely be back soon!

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