Come Behind the Scenes at ROR!

Our new collection is live! Why not come behind the scenes with us and see how we created the clothing line - from the initial moodboard to the final shots.

come behind the scenes at rock on ruby clothing brand in Manchester

So it all starts with the first idea. If 2 years of lockdowns have taught us anything, it’s that when things get tough, getting outside is one of the best ways to lift your mood, so we wanted this a big part of our campaign... Time to head to Pinterest! 

We fell down the pinterest rabbit hole HARD and were totally surrounded by adventure and camping aesthetic pics. We saved all our faves and put them together into one docusument to get a better idea for where we were headed.


Then Holly got her design brain going and began making some initial designs. These are just quick, computer mockups so that we can see the colour combos, overall vibe and to get the ideas flowing. Here's just a few of the first drafts!

Rock On Ruby never stop exploring clothing collection designs

Then comes the fun bit... We ordered some t-shirt samples in brand new colours to make this collection feel fresh and started matching them up with our vinyl and embroidery options. This sampling step includes testing out the designs in different colours, printing in different sizes, trying placement options and making sure the collection looks cohesive.

Rock On Ruby behind the scenes making slogan t-shirt clothing for summer 2022

So we've got our final picks (eventually 😆) and it's time to get them ready to go online. This means it's photoshoot time! For this collection we found the most ADORABLE cabin in the woods on airbnb. It could not have been more perfect. We had the option to shoot inside the cabin, on the porch, the garden and even in the woods surrounding it. It was a full (and tiring) day of shooting but we think it captured the outdoorsy vibe we needed.

Behind the scenes at a rock on ruby photoshoot Rock On Ruby wilderness personalised t-shirt Rock On Ruby personalised weekend duffel bag

Once we're back in the office and recovered from the rush of the shoot, the pics just need a quick edit. While Graham gets editing, we start listing all the items, one by one, on our ROR website and Not On The High Street online store.

Then the banners change, the products go live and you guys get to shop! The new collection - Never Stop Exploring - is online now! Just click here to explore the range.

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