Coming To A Town Near You - Cheryl Cole & Simon Cowell!

Get Celeb Spotting Girls! Chery Cole, Simon Cowell and even Beyonce landed on the doorstep of Girlynightout HQ yesterday!!

Sadly not in person... but in the form of our super cool, new Celebrity Masks!

These Celebrity Masks are perfect for Hollywood Themed Parties, playing Drinking Games or even just for adding a bit of fun to that X Factor Final! Create your very own Judges Panel with our Celebrity Masks - Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and the lovely Danni Minogue could be sat in your very own living room! Who will you send home?!

Add a little fun to your next party by playing the "Guess Who" Game! Traditionally, each player has to guess which Celebrity name they have stuck to their forehead, by asking questions that can only be answered with a Yes or a No. Instead of playing with sticky labels and scraps of paper, make the game even more fun with these hilarious Celebrity Masks! They will add a great twist to your game (and won´t ruin your friends´ make up!) A perfect ice-breaker for Christmas Parties, Birthdays and Hen Parties!

Give your guests a treat on your next night out with a surprise mystery guest appearance! Who will be at your Christmas work do? Elvis? The Queen?!

You can be whoever you want to be in our amazing Celebrity Masks! If you want to Bend It like Beckham or "Just Dance" like Lady Gaga, then this is the fancy dress for you! Get a group of your friends together for your next night out and really cause a stir around town. Who knows, you may even get VIP treatment!

Happy Star Spotting!

Love, The Girls xx
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