Creepy Halloween Nails

At Halloween, we know that the main thing is ALL about the fancy dress... The more outrageous or sexy the costume, the better! But they do say the Devil is in the detail... so don´t forget to compete your look in style!

Spotted at Girly Night Out: Crazy Halloween Nail designs!

Yes, we´ve been hunting on Pinterest and around the web for the most creative Halloween nails EVER. What do you think? Some of the designs are very simple... why not give it a go? We have a great range of neon nail varnishes online! WE LOVE our neon pink varnish!

Get creative with our 

UV Nail Art Brush Pen Set

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Halloween Nails - Nail Art - Girly Night Out

If you´ve been inspired then give it a go!

Our Nail Art Set contains 8 UV colours, so you can Mix and match your nails, or simply create any of your own looks with this handy pen set!

Squeeze the bottle and watch the dazzling colours appear...
Nail Art Set - Girly Night Out - Nail Varnish

Don´t forget!! We want to see your nail art, so tweet us your tips to @GirlyNightOut

Have fun... Love, The Scout XOXO

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