Date Night Disasters!

Date Night Disasters!

A lot of us have been there... swiped right for the wrong person but only realised when it when you were slipping out the back door of the restaurant? Trust us, you're not alone! 

We asked our ROR babes to send in their date night dilemma's... because we wanted a good laugh!

SO, on with the date night disasters!

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Disaster One Stupid cupid... you're asking the wrong gal! "When I was on a date with a guy and he was asking ME about dating advice with a girl he really likes... I felt worthless" Ouch, this one must have stung!

Disaster Two The no-cash rain dash! "He had no money to pay the bill as it was a cash-only restaurant, so I then had to walk ten minutes,  IN THE RAIN, to get cash" We hope he offered you his coat...

Disaster Three Major Wardrobe Malfunction! "I wore a wrap-around top and I couldn't work out how to tie it up! So it came off with my coat"...

Disaster Four A different kind of dash... the projectile dash! "I once got food poisoning on a first date after we went to a dodgy looking Indian. We said goodbye on the metro tram but it had to be rushed as I had to RUN home and jump straight onto the toilet - he never messaged me again..." Well, If he can't handle you at your worst then he doesn't deserve you at your best!!

Disaster Five Eat spaghetti, to forgetti your regretti! - or not in this instance... "My most awkward date night I have ever been on is when I went on a date with a guy I had fancied for ages. We went to an Italian restaurant and I choked on my spaghetti! He then had to help me by slapping me on my back AND did the Heimlich maneuver. If that wasn't bad enough, the spaghetti then came out of my nose! However, the worst is yet to come. After the big commotion, he was texting on his phone and I looked over and he was texting a friend to bail him out. Cut to five mins later, his friend phoned to tell him he needs a lift somewhere because he had broken down. Safe to say we paid, we left, we went our separate ways and we never saw each other again!"

Disaster Six Murder Mystery! "A guy thought telling me about recent murders in the area was good date night material" Maybe you should have left that date earlier than you did... Sounds a bit creepy to us!!

Disaster Seven Stop Horsin' around... "Someone once told me they were going to take me to somewhere really special. So I got glammed up, put my brand new boots on and all that jazz! We got there and I soon realised 'the special date' he was talking about was... a trip to see his shire horse!" BOYS AND THEIR... ponies???

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Disaster Eight The Runaway Date... "I was once out with my date, it seemed to be going well! Until later on he said we were going to meet with one of his friends who's come into town. Perfect. Not a problem. We met with his friend and he seemed nice enough! Later, they told me they were going to use the toilet... so they both disappeared off into the crowd and told me to wait where I was so when they returned they knew where to find me. Forty-five minutes passed and did they return? Nope. They both did a runner and left me stranded in the middle of a city center all by myself!" This guy deffo gives us Julia Roberts Runaway Bride vibesss... avoid at all costs!

Disaster Nine This one really is a disaster... "We had our date which consisted of dinner and drinks but it barely even lasted thirty minutes before he bailed! It gets worse... after he had bailed on the date, he then TEXTED me asking to meet up so we could hook up!" Awks. We hope you blocked that loser.

Disaster Ten It's one to tell the grandchildren!

"My first ever tinder date - I met up with a guy on canal street and knew instantly (even though he was pretty hot) that it wasn’t going to go anywhere... so I internally decided to get very drunk and just have a laugh. The night ended up being a ball and we went into a gay club and danced the night away. I made friends with this gay couple and we were doing shots on the bar. The guy was loving my company though and we ended up leaving the club in the early hours of the morning... we realised that our coats had been stolen and his coat happened to have his house and car keys in his pocket (just want to say he wasn’t driving) so we drunkenly had to go to each pub we had been to (because we were so drunk we didn’t realise when we had lost them) and ask if anything had been handed in. He ended up having to stay at mine (lucky for him) until the early morning as he couldn’t go home!! We went out the next day to the same clubs to ask about our coats and they didn’t have them anywhere...

He eventually went home and had to get a new set of keys for his home and car and came to a total of £270 for both sets! He messaged saying that it was the best and worst date ever in one! He actually thanked me for helping out and we did actually meet again. Although it didn’t work out romantically, we stayed in touch - but what a first date!"

If you've got any funny or unfortunate stories you want to share (Valentine's Day related or not!), DM them over to @Rockonrubyxx on Instagram for a chance to win a unique discount code! 

We hope you loved reading these as much as we did! 

Lots of love, Emma @ ROR X

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